Indonesia, Kuta Lombok

After Gili Air we went to Kuta, Lombok. You can book the ferry and a private taxi driver for only 12€ (shared between the three of us) for the whole journey. That’s how we drove all the way down to Kuta in the South of Lombok. Regarding the nature Kuta is very different from the Gilis and also the South of Bali, because it has many mountains and jungle and is therefore very green, but it also rains way more.


We stayed at Pipes Hostel, because of a recommendation of a friend, who we met there again. There is one thing you should definitely do, when you go to Kuta: choose Pipes Hostel! They provide shared dorms, but you still got privacy and they do a lot to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It is a really cozy hostel with chilled people, definitely backpacker vibes and as the name already tells – they provide skateboards and a pipe. For us it was one of the best hostels along the way, regarding the accomodation, but the people, the vibes and the town were definitely our favourite regarding the whole trip through Indonesia. Pipes creates such a comfortable atmosphere and it feels like a little family. Furthermore they had a little baby kitten, when we were there, named Oliver, which was incredibly cute.

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Additionally scooters are provided for rental. For us it was the first time riding a scooter and we were lucky we did it on Lombok and not on Bali, because it is not really busy, but very nice streets with beautiful rice fields, jungle or in Kuta “downtown” restaurants and bars around them.


The bars and restaurants are very nice. You’ll find lots of cheap local food and very nice barbecues with fresh fishes and other seafood. And the burgers at burger zone are just to die for! The one with tempeh (indonesian specialty made of soy beans) was definitely the best! Furthermore clubs/bars like the bus bar, the jungle bar and the surfers bar are very nice places, where you’ll find tourists, but also locals, live music almost every night just as other good music, good people and good vibes…but we also found a crab in the toilet haha.. we couldn’t stop laughing for a long time, because it’s obviously hilarious. 😂



There are lots of things to do in Kuta!  First of all, the sunsets are amazing! Everywhere you go around the coast, if you climb a mountain or if you’re just chilling at the beach – it’s sooo beautiful! (The pics are not edited) And a little pizza and a bonfire after the sun went down is always a good idea! 😉




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There are not only sunsets to see, but also beautiful waterfalls, a 1 hour ride away from Kuta. They are pretty cold and it was definitely hard to get there by scooter, because of the dirt roads, but it was so much fun!

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Another thing I enjoyed a lot was surfing! It is probably the best surf spot I have ever been to, even better than Australia. Because you don’t surf at the beach, but in the middle of the ocean, where the waves always break at the same spot. The place is called Gerupo. They offer surfboards for rental and even instructors, which is also not expensive at all. I probably had the best surf of my life – it was super fun and a must do when you come to Kuta.




We continued our travels with people we met at Pipes. A bunch of weirdos as you can see. 😂


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